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Тори Макгрори

Beginning her career as a contemporary dancer, performing in theatres across Europe, Tori developed her skills, mastering the artistic platform of the air, as well as traditional floor performances.

This combination of artistic planes has allowed Tori to feel whole as an artist, enabling a creative freedom to nurture her personal style and creative methods. Having a huge passion for creating, and the intertwining of rope and the body as one.

​With this expression through the body she continues to explore and share new pathways for creative motion.

Tori's style harnesses her bodies natural qualities and through this she seeks to create a physical poetry that transcends traditional boundaries to audience engagement.

Her research and teaching methods take a holistic approach to learning. Placing a large emphasis on cooperating with your body, feeling and understanding movement mechanics by actively engaging with your senses.

Also promoting a sense of self belief, seeing that we all have the potential for creating new movement.

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